Vaginal Hysterectomy

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Vaginal Hysterectomy in Adelaide

A vaginal hysterectomy is a surgical procedure in which the uterus is removed through incisions made in the vagina. This approach is often used to treat conditions such as uterine prolapse, fibroids, and abnormal bleeding.

During the surgery, the surgeon makes small incisions in the vaginal wall and detaches the uterus from the surrounding tissues. The uterus is then carefully pulled down through the vagina and removed. In some cases, the ovaries and fallopian tubes may also be removed at the same time, a procedure known as a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. 

Vaginal hysterectomy is less invasive than traditional abdominal hysterectomy, which requires a larger incision in the abdomen. As a result, it typically results in less pain, scarring, and a faster recovery time. Most women can leave the hospital within a day or two after the surgery and resume their normal activities within a few weeks. 

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with vaginal hysterectomies, such as bleeding, infection, and injury to nearby organs. Women should discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure with their doctor before making a decision about whether or not to proceed.

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